Consistency is next to Godliness (When it Comes to Ad Agency New Business)

Red Flag

We talk to agencies every day, both client and prospective, and have engaged in a few surprising conversations with agency principals. These principals conveyed they’ve had a pretty good run lately handling new business internally. They’ve created a memorable direct mail piece, have dedicated themselves to social media or made more time to reach out, either…
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Ad Agencies: Here’s how to build a following on Twitter the right way

twitter cigs

There’s so much out there on what you should do with Twitter to make it successful, but I thought I’d share some very simple guidelines we’ve personally used to help us (RSW/US that is) increase our prospect following. These come from Gregory Ferenstein’s Fast Company blog, the FC Expert blog. I’ve listed his 5 tips…
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What You Must Remember To Do Before The Ad Agency Pitch

Ad Agency Pitch

If we can sing our own praises very briefly, we’ve had some strong client wins lately and one in particular that was a reminder of what you should, or really must do, before you go into that first ad agency pitch meeting. This particular RSW/US client is a B2B communications firm and their prospective client…
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2.5 Social Media Rookie Mistakes Agencies Must Avoid to Gain More New Business

atm mistake

Here at RSW/US, we talk to hundreds of agencies a week and also explore about as many agency web sites. It’s always refreshing to see agencies creating sites that embrace their prospective clients, rather than creating sites to satisfy their creative wants. In the same way, it’s also inspiring to see how agencies are incorporating…
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SideWiki Breaking the Net in Half!

We’re not the first to blog about SideWiki and won’t be the last, but it’s already causing quite a furor. I can’t even begin to post all the links regarding it, so I won’t, but a few points of note. First, for the uninitiated, SideWiki lets you read and post comments on virtually any Web…
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I Am the Illegitimate Son of Elvis

I hope your interest is peaked by that headline, because your blog’s headlines are pretty important (The above headline is not true by the way, I know-shocking.) Best and closest example is our own Mark Sneider’s blog post on the 4A’s Business Development Blog a few weeks back, The Dangers of Agency New Business Social…
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Email, you used to be . . .sexier

Email sexy

How about a quick and dirty agency new business post on making what could be cold calls warmer? With all the talk of social media platforms, as effective as they can be, personal calls and emails, to name just two, are still vital and effective. Email doesn’t get much pub these days; it’s just not…
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