The Dangers of Agency New Business Social Media – Part 2

  Social media is an important component to any successful agency new business program…but there are some dangers. As we at RSW/US engrossed ourselves into the ins and outs of social media for our own benefit, we quickly realized that many of our competitors are also actively involved in social initiatives…which reinforced our belief that…
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The Dangers of Agency New Business Social Media – Part 1


Social media is an important component to any successful agency new business development program. While important, it is critical to not over-emphasize or become too reliant on social media. I spoke with an agency principal the other day who thinks so much of social media that he is going to use it as his sole…
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Everyone is calling your prospect

So, we talked about posts here on The ANB including more traditional new business methods, like the sometimes daunting cold call. While the social media component is gaining light-speed, actually speaking to someone still ranks high on the list of methods to gain new business for our marketing services clients. (We actually don’t like to…
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“Get on Twitter” is not a Social Media Strategy

The Creative Underground

This blog continues to be a source of motivation for us at RSW/US as we think about better ways to present valuable new business content amongst the myriad other blogs clamoring for your attention; specifically in terms of content that will benefit agencies and clients alike. So in that spirit, we want to bring in…
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The Growing Pains of Agency New Business Development

growing pains

Agency New Business can be quite a pain….particularly for those not knowing the importance of keeping on task – and those expecting it to be an overnight sensation. I was introduced recently to a new client based in Michigan. This client was struggling with account losses and personnel cut-backs. They tried managing the agency new…
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Isolation Booth Part II


The comments from the PJA agency new business post are well worth a look and there’s one in particular that I might say is RSW’s mantra (or one of them): Agency new business development, irrespective of the strategies or tactics employed, is not a part-time proposition. You can’t just drop into the new business landscape…
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The Ad Agency New Business Isolation Booth-Don’t Get In It

A strong ad agency new business post from Phil Johnson at agency PJA on Advertising Age’s Small Agency Diary. Phil lays out a brief yet concise recap of the agencies new business development history. The below paragraph describing their early process encapsulates how so many agencies handle new business and we hear some version of…
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I Wonder If You’ve Seen This

You’re going to see some upcoming pieces on agency new business prospecting outside the realm of social media, but I’ve been meaning to post this video from Common Craft, a small company in Seattle, Washington. They were founded as an online community consulting company and started making videos in 2007. I imagine if you see…
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The Changing Role of Rainmakers


In a recent Adweek article, Andy McMains notes that it is getting more difficult to find quality new business development people. Not terribly surprising…as we have found in our annual New Business Manager surveys (click here for survey) that most new business managers don’t last much longer than a typical CMO. Click here for Adweek…
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Landing Pages and Agency New Business


Category/Sector specific landing pages have been an ongoing agency new business tool we’ve utilized with many of our clients. Roberta Rosenberg at Copyblogger does a nice “landing page makeover” as part of the blog’s tutorials on landing pages, and while the post is about Cars Helping America, and helping to increase more people donating cars…
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