File this under: Best Use of Agency Twitter application for Fresh Buns

This isn’t a brand new story, but it’s so cool, and we came upon a similar problem this afternoon. We have a Hawaiian Shaved Ice stand/hut a few blocks away (Poppy’s). Who knows when they’re actually open-they’re supposed to be open every Summer weekday from 10am to 4pm or something along those lines. Well, they’re…
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Ad Agency New Business: Feed the Beast (Content is King)

Feed The Beast

Please don’t fault us for a bit of shameless self-promotion, but we’ve started a really spirited conversation over on the 4A’s Business Development blog with our owner, Mark’s Dangers of Agency New Business Social Media. Here’s a recent post from 4A’s Smart Brief: If your business development dance card is not full, you may want…
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5 Ways to Activate Your Ad Agency New Business Toe

big toe

As Michael Gass points out in a past post, the biggest DANGER of social media…is doing nothing. Couldn’t agree more. Not only does “doing nothing” mean sitting idly by and watching other agencies blog, tweet, and post on Facebook, but it also means starting a program and not “activating” it. Simply dipping your toe in…
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LinkedIn-The Shemp of the Social Media Three Stooges? (Updated)

(August, 2010: LinkedIn has has made some effective improvements since I originally wrote this post, I’ve added a few more recommendation below.) So one platform that doesn’t seem to get as much play with in the new business/social media context is LinkedIn. Sure you’re probably signed up, maybe you’ve filled out 60% or less of…
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Can we call it something else besides “Adding Value?”


I came upon a post from Dosh Dosh about adding value. It’s something we espouse here at RSW/US, but I cringe at the phrase-it’s just become so trite. So I liked going back to the tried and true: Because some people still don’t get it. What’s the underlying principle for successful online marketing, selling or…
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Social Media. Inherently Active or Passive?

  In a recent exchange between me and Michael Gass on the RSW/US blog, two different points of view emerge relative to the active (or passive) nature of Social Media used by agencies for the benefit of driving their own new business.I agree with Michael that Social Media is a must for any good agency…
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“Take out the Garbage, Please!”

Gobbledygook words

I just came across two posts that I felt compelled (that’s right, compelled) to post on. You’ll see they are slightly dated, but hold up quite well. They come from David Meerman Scott’s Web Ink Now and the TechCrunch blog with a post by Robin Waters. They both contain terms/phrases that in an ideal world…
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Ad Agency New Business Darwinism


One of our New Business Managers passed an article around this morning from the Miami Herald site entitled PR and Advertising are at a Crossroads. I doubt anyone that reads this blog or is a part of the agency world needs to be reminded of this “crossroads,” but the article has a few interesting points.…
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Agency New Business-Forget the Shotgun Approach

scattered rocks

I think most people that follow social media are familiar with Michael Gass these days, but just in case, Michael heads an agency new business consultancy with a focus on social media. Well worth a visit. Michael had a good post yesterday on his blog, Fuel Lines titled, Expand Your Agency By Narrowing Your Focus.…
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