Constant Re-Invention

I once had Doug Hall, from Eureka Ranch tell the owner of my old company that re-invention is the lifeblood of long-term strength and success. My old owner didn’t listen and he near went into bankruptcy as his business got tired, old, and less interesting to prospective prospects. Re-invention doesn’t have to be dramatic. It…
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Advertising in the 21st Century

Pull yourself out of the trenches. Even if you don’t own the capabilities for managing in the e-space, there are plenty around you that do…and plenty around you that can help you offer these services to prospects. And it’s not just about showcasing the fact that you have the resources…it’s about knowing how to use…
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No Matter the Firm, the Issues are the Same

You are not alone. Big firms with over 200 employees struggle with the same issues as small agencies with as few as 3 or 4 employees. Building new business is no easy task. Central challenge is striking the right balance between managing existing clients and finding the new pot of gold. The bottom line to…
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The Second Hardest Part of Prospecting

Getting the meeting is no easy task. Closing the opportunity can be equally as hard. Generally, there’s a lot of enthusiasm coming out of an initial meeting and it can quickly fade as other things get in the way. Staying with the prospect after the initial meeting is just as important as staying with a…
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Agencies Need to Act Like Marketers

Simply telling your clients to better position themselves and doing nothing to benefit your own efforts is of little value to your agency. Take the time, don’t turn your agency into the “cobbler’s children who have no shoes”.