Prospecting Prep for Agencies - Now and in the Future-3 Takeaways Ep40

Prospecting Prep for Agencies – Now and in the Future-3 Takeaways Ep40

Welcome to “3 Takeaways”, episode 40, “Prospecting Prep for Agencies – Now and in the Future”.  If you didn’t see our latest video, episode 39, view it here.

We’re talking about making adjustments to your agency new business strategy and to prospecting.

As we’ve discussed before, you can’t stop the new process, it’s more important than ever.

Our goal in the next several 3 Takeaways is to help you feel more confident in your prospecting, while making sure your messaging is appropriate, and telling you what we’re seeing that’s working.

Here’s your first takeaway:

Your prospects have less office distractions.

All of us are working from home, which generally means fewer distractions for your prospects.

Now granted, many of us have young children at home and are just as busy with work, but your prospects have less office interruption.

And your prospects will want some human interaction from those other than in their immediate household as well.

If you are there to show how you can help, prospects are more open to talking.

It may be that some projects are on hold at these companies, but you need to have those conversations now, to be on the radar when those companies pull the switch, and they all will.

OK, second takeaway:

Now is the time to review your site and case studies.

As I mentioned in our last episode, ideally you won’t have a lot of downtime in regards to work, but realistically you probably will.

As some others online this week have pointed out, make sure your site and case studies are up to date and prospect-ready.

You need to be prepared when we come out the other end of this.

And your third takeaway:

Don’t tell your prospects what they already know.

I’ve spoken to this before, but it’s really important now.

Speaking again to your messaging, I would avoid language like this:

“In these uncertain times, it’s never been more important for your B2B marketing strategy to. . . .”

Or some version of this.

It’s not that it’s inherently bad, but your prospects know these are uncertain and shaky times, you don’t need to remind them.

Cut to the chase and talk about your solutions/value.

Ideally, these takeaways will help in your prospecting prep.

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