Your Prospects Are Surrounded By More Noise Than Ever

We shot an episode of our 3 Takeaways series (3 Ways To Break Through To Your Oversaturated Prospects) on how digitally saturated your prospects are today-how much more noise surrounds them than ever before. Agency new business, and sales generally, has always been about getting your prospect’s attention in a meaningful way. COVID has isolated […]

I am not a sales guy. The ability to talk small eludes me.  I’m quite happy to take no for an answer.  And the idea of engaging with new people…gah…stranger danger! So while I haven’t had any genetic testing done yet, I’m pretty sure I don’t have the new business chromosome.  My work at RSW/US […]

I was at a new client kickoff meeting when the subject of “hunting the whale” came up.  There were apparently a group of agencies in town whose central new business strategy was focusing on 5 to 10  large prospects, with the thinking being they would employ a laser-focused strategy, in-depth research, and irresistible bait in […]