Welcome to the RSW/US 2017 Thought Leader Survey Report.

Because we typically generate questions for our quarterly surveys, as in past years, we turned to perspective from some of the industry’s leading agency new business Thought Leaders.

The 2017 Agency New Business Thought Leader Survey was completed by 164 Agencies from across the United States during July 2017 and commissioned by RSW/US.

This report provides an overall summary of findings as well as perspective from RSW/US.

We have a solid lineup of Thought Leaders this year:

Tim Williams

Jody Sutter

Drew McLellan

David C. Baker

Laurie Mikes

Michael Gass

A big thank you to all of them!

Each thought leader submitted one piece of agency new business advice, along with questions they believed would prove helpful to agencies across the country in 2017, including questions like:

Does the person primarily charged with new business also manage some client accounts?

What are your most preferred areas for gaining additional insights into improving your new business skills/program?

What is your first priority if you have additional funds to re-invest into your agency?

When proposing compensation to a new business prospect, how often do you provide multiple options, versus just a single price
or approach?


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