Relying on one type of outreach – or even two – may not serve your new business efforts in the best possible way.   Marketers say they learn about agencies through a variety of media. Not surprisingly, email, phone calls and industry conferences are highly-cited channels. Results from our recent survey affirm you need to […]

Joe Saracino

In this post, we put forth 10 agency new business questions for Joe Saracino from the Erwin Penland agency in Greenville, South Carolina. Helping create success for the people they touch, Erwin Penland is one of the largest full-service advertising agencies based in the South. With offices in Greenville, S.C., New York and Detroit, the […]

Agency New Business

One of the best positions your agency can be in=being able to say no to work that isn’t the right fit. I’ve mentioned it in previous posts (Ad Agency New Business-When To Say No & When To Follow Your Gut) and it would appear, at least via Ad Age, that agencies are taking this to heart, […]

agency new business

In our latest agency new business survey, we asked seven thought leaders in the agency new business space to provide questions they’d like to ask agency principals on the topics around agency new business. Of all the responses and findings, here are three new business areas agencies should take note of: 1. Agencies aren’t being […]

Inbound Marketing

In our first annual Mirren-RSW/US Definitive Guide to Agency New Business Tools, we surveyed over 300 agency executives, asking questions about their usage of, and perceived effectiveness of various new business platforms and the tools offered within those platforms. We presented 12 different platforms, from SEO Tools, to Presentation Software, to Research and List services. […]

Paul Roetzer

Paul Roetzer, Founder and CEO of PR 20/20, an inbound marketing agency kindly agreed to offer his perspective on one of the key agency new business discussion points coming out of our latest RSW/US survey:  How do Marketers decide what agency to work with? Paul starts our interview by stating that agencies of the future will […]

From our RSW/US survey report Changes in Social & Digital Media (2009-2012): 58% of Marketers state that they most often learn about new Agencies via emails.  49% say they learn about new Agencies via phone calls, and 49% say they learn about new Agencies by mailings they receive directly from Agencies.   And a release that accompanied […]

Ad Agency social media-has it been beaten to death yet? Why aren’t you using it, should you be using it-we’ve covered this ground. But it is ground worth covering. And it would seem agencies are, in fact, embracing social media, but based on stats from our survey, for all the wrong reasons.   Are You Posting About Kittens? […]

Boring emails

I was talking with several of our new business directors recently about email, its prospecting effectiveness and ways to consistently improve those ad agency new business efforts. One of our NBD’s mentioned the timeliness of our conversation, as a friend of hers had just remarked on the sheer amount of sales emails she gets and how […]

Blogging 2

I occasionally like to get back to blogging basics and this post does just that.  Michael Gass, on his Fuel Lines blog, mentioned in his post 10 Tips for Writing for the Web for Ad Agency New Businesss a social media study by King Fish Media, HubSpot and Junta42, pointing out this stat: “Businesses (agencies) that […]