Last year we attended and were a sponsor at WOMMA’s WOMM-U, the school of Word of Mouth Marketing and social studies. There were many takeaways from the several days we spent in Chicago, one being that Facebook scares me on a personal level and may take over the world, but I digress. In all seriousness, we […]

A follow up to a comment on our post Don’t Know Enough About My Company. First, a quick set-up of that  post to give you some perspective. The post was based off our then most-recent survey and the specific finding that “78% of senior marketing executives stated agencies don’t know enough about their company when […]

I was recently in a monthly ad agency new business update call with a client and he was on his cell. I could only hear 1/2 his words because his cell was breaking up. At one point, he paused, and said “how about I call you back on my land line”. “Ok, I said.” During […]