“NO” stings. A recent Wall Street Journal post offering a CEO’s recommendations for dealing with rejection brought my thoughts to remarks people make when they hear about my work. “Oh!” they say.  “Where do you get the courage to pick up the phone and call people you’ve never met before and try to sell them […]

The great dilemma: hire an outsourced company like RSW/US or hire an internal new business person, perhaps one who has the fabled “ultimate agency new business Rolodex”-it’s a difficult decision. I’m not going to give you all the self-serving reasons why you should go with a company like ours, because we’re not always the right […]

Rather than the traditional post, I’m going to throw out a few agency new business tips of extreme importance in rapid-fire form.  A few may even border on rants, but it’s done out of love-it truly is.  Let’s get to it: Agency New Business Tip 1: Keep things simple for your prospects. A prospect signing up […]