How do you combat the agency new business dime-a-dozen mentality?

Have you heard someone say, “agencies are just a dime a dozen”?

Makes your blood boil?

Mine too. Begs the question, “Why are agencies considered a commodity?”

Combat The Agency New Business Dime-A-Dozen Mentality

Maybe it’s because so many position themselves as one.

I know – you care about delivering results.

Your clients like you. You are integrated. And strategic. And you work across platforms.

If a marketer looks at your website, today’s go-to research and info source, what does it tell them?

• Does it differentiate your agency?
• Is it user-friendly? Informative yet creative?
• Is your value clearly understood?

Or do most visitors abandon at one page?

As I’ve said (preached) before, your website is your elevator pitch.

It’s your digital business card.

Make sure it’s ringing bells and knocking socks off.

Then you’re better equipped to  combat the agency new business dime-a-dozen mentality.


MJ is Manager of Program Operations & Analytics at RSW