The Agency New Business Email Subject Line That Got Kimberly-Clark to Respond. The First Time

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What’s the agency new business email subject line Kimberly-Clark responded to?

Agency New Business Email Subject Line

We’ve Got The Goods

That’s it-that’s the subject line.

Not particularly explosive is it?

But it doesn’t always have to be.

You know about the importance of subject lines, you read about them, but how often do you think about them?

How often do you change them?


Walk the tightrope

Subject lines can be incredibly difficult and are often the bain of my email existence.

Too salesy and you risk being overbearing.

Too vanilla and it will never get opened.

And even when you do have the “right” subject line, there are, of course, no guarantees.

Oh, I’m sure you’re aware of the countless studies and the best words to use in subject lines, but those are rarely pertinent to what your agency is trying to get across.


OK so they opened it. . .

Back to my Kimberly-Clark example, one of our RSW/US new business directors (NBD) experimented with a few subject lines this week and chose We’ve Got The Goods for a few of them.

Of course, once this brand manager opened the email, the RSW/US NBD backed up her subject line assertion by succinctly showing how her client delivers the goods.

And she got an email back from the brand manager at Kimberly-Clark that explained they were working with a firm already (which we knew) but that she was greatly intrigued and asked for some follow up.

Not a home run yet, but to get that back from a company the size of Kimberly-Clark on the first pass-that’s good stuff.

So back to the beginning: the subject line didn’t initially blow me away (quite frankly it still doesn’t) but you don’t know until you test it (and of course back it up in the actual email).

If you haven’t changed your subject lines up in a while, do it today.

Take 15 minutes and get creative-the Kimberly-Clark’s of the world are apparently waiting.

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