Horrible truth

 Agency New Business

There are three agency new business tactics we most often see agencies either run screaming from or embrace with the fervor of the recording industry to a dwindling business model.

Marketing Prof’s recent post, “Three Ways to Improve Your Lead-Generation Efforts” succinctly provides the reasoning behind what to avoid or pursue.

Agencies Often Run Screaming From:

1)  Making contact with prospects on a weekly basis.

Why you shouldn’t run screaming:*

This might seem like alarming frequency to some, but if you offer something—even a tidbit—that adds value to a prospect’s professional life, your email will be welcome. “If you’re afraid of driving away prospects who feel they’re being spammed, watch the prospect list,” he advises. “Is it shrinking? No? Then you’re just fine. Keep going.”

*RSW note-To be fair, agencies often just don’t have time to make weekly contact, but you’ve got to try and make it a scheduled activity.

2) Sharing expertise at no charge:

Why you shouldn’t run screaming:*

After years of thinking it was a bad idea, Lurie let his leads know he would answer their quick questions—free of charge. “I figured everyone out there is as cynical and bitter as me, so they’d assume it was a come-on,” he says. “Not so.” He found he enjoyed responding to the questions he received—and that leads who received his answers often became clients.

*RSW note-There are obviously limits to this, but the key here is “quick questions.”

Agencies often embrace far too heartily:

3) Asking for too much too soon:

Why you shouldn’t embrace it:*

You’ll scare people off if registration for your whitepaper requires contact information like phone numbers. So ease into the relationship by keeping it casual. Most people, for instance, will gladly exchange their name and email address for valuable content. “This builds your prospect list,” explains Lurie. “They aren’t leads, yet, but they will be.”

*RSW note-While this example focuses on a white paper registration, it goes for your prospecting effort generally. Don’t force yourselves on your prospects-it’s unseemly.

Full marketing Profs article here.

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