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Back from the BOLO digital conference this week with quite a bit of useful information to digest.

In one group conversation, the question of social media usage for agency new business came up.

One of my often repeated call to arms for agencies is,

Don’t just tweet to each other.

My thinking has always been, if agencies are just tweeting  to each other, they’re wasting time.

Well, I still believe that holds true to a great extent-however. . .

I had an agency principal point out real-world examples of tweeting amongst her peer group with success.

Her comment (most certainly paraphrased) was along the lines of this:

Our clients don’t tend to really give a crap what we’re tweeting, but when we’re tweeting amongst our peers and colleagues, it’s lead us to several referrals.

Well damn, I thought.

Agency New Business

It’s a great point, and when you think about, not really mind-blowing, right?

And I wasn’t completely wrong-I’ve said in the past that tweeting with agencies isn’t inherently bad, but your prospects need to be part of that mix as well.

One more point along these lines I’ll stand by-you’ve got to do a bit of research to see where your prospects are.

If they aren’t using Twitter all that much, adjust your strategy accordingly-you don’t need to spend any more time than necessary there.

So thanks Paige, for the heads-up.

Following agencies in your peer group (whatever that may look like) on Twitter as potential sources for referrals can work, but remember, whether a fellow agency or prospect, show that thought leadership and expertise wherever and however you can.

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