too many cooks

We occasionally run into agencies that feel it necessary to be all-inclusive, running ad agency new business by committee  – they don’t want to leave anyone out of the decision-making process. While this might be good for some business decisions related to the agency, it can be disastrous for new business. New business requires quick […]

cliff notes pattern

From our ad agency new business Counsel on Closing webinar (view here), an assemblage of the best tweets sent during  the webinar. Thanks to all who tweeted! -Main reason marketers look for new agencies= 44% not happy w/ strategy or thinking #RSWUS -78% Marketers say Agencies don’t know enough about them #RSWUS -Marketer Reasons for Saying Agencies are […]

All things

RSW/US:VIEW FROM THE MARKETER’S EYE Continuing our View From the Marketer’s Eye series, this week’s marketer’s quote, in answer to the ad agency new business question, “What common mistakes do agencies make during their first meeting?” [Agencies] try to be all things, solve everything. What agency is possibly great at everything? It would be so […]

It goes to 11

I couldn’t resist the oft-used Spinal Tap reference to refer to ad agency new business, and the inspiration came from this Copyblogger post: How to Find Thousands More Prospects for Your Business. While the post is directed more towards online product selling, it fits nicely into the agency new business world as well. A summary […]


I was recently in a monthly ad agency new business update call with a client and he was on his cell. I could only hear 1/2 his words because his cell was breaking up. At one point, he paused, and said “how about I call you back on my land line”. “Ok, I said.” During […]

small inspiration

A reach back into the RSW/US agency new business vaults: You can watch our webinar  First Meeting and Closing Effectiveness – 78% of Agencies Don’t Know Enough, here. Neal Kielar from Agency Babylon summarized the main points from that webinar, and yuo can see those in his tweets below: bite-sized pieces of new business inspiration. -Weak strategy […]

vader fail

RSW/US:View From the Marketer’s Eye Continuing our View From the Marketer’s Eye series, this week’s marketer’s quote, in answer to the question, “What common ad agency new business mistakes do agencies make during their first meeting?” They come unprepared and seemingly haven’t bothered to take the time for basic research about our business. We received countless […]

check marks

In our latest survey on First Meetings and Closing Effectiveness (download survey) there is a great divide that is unearthed between what Agencies say they are giving Marketers during first meetings and what Marketers say they are getting. At the end of the day, at the end of the meeting, you want your Marketing prospect […]