When you’re swimming in it!

Heard this before, right?

But are you practicing it?

I’m breaking the evergreen content rule here, but now is the time when current clients are (ideally) keeping you and your team very busy.

Remember what’s on the horizon: Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and then the December holidays.

Some of those obviously take more time than others from your work schedule, and while you can often get some great first meetings and a foot in the door during a holiday,

don’t forget about new business today.

new business

Because let’s also not forget that you just got back from vacation or you’re about to go.

Planning for 2015 is also typically going on, so current new business efforts or future plans continually get pushed back.

What you don’t want is the scenario where you’re in one of your new business valleys (think limited to zero new business pipeline) and a client budget disappears or they go dark.

So if you’ve got a good process in place-don’t stop in this back half of the year.

And if you’re putting off that hire or restructure-get on it.

I'm the VP of Sales at RSW/US. We specialize in working with services firms to help drive and close new business-if you need help with that, email me at lee@rswus.com. What I actually do: drive sales efforts to bring ad agencies and services firms on board with RSW, create content around successful new business tactics and help drive RSW/US marketing objectives, including social media channels, blog content, webinars, video and speaking engagements. Dig it.