In a recent client kickoff with an agency client, one of the principals said, “You know I get so many sales calls and emails and in the majority of them, they end with “we’d love to set some time to meet, we’d love to introduce ourselves, we’d love to. . . .something.”

She went on to say in regards to those sales emails/calls ‘yes, I’m sure you would love to, but I don’t care what you’d love to do, I care about how you can help me.”

You’d Love To Meet Your Prospects, They Get It-Now Stop Saying It

(Along those lines, one of the troubling trends marketers expressed in our most recent survey report, in regards to agencies (2016 New Year Outlook Survey) is a “shallow understanding of their brand(s), company, industry.”)

As our client said said this, I thought to myself, huh. . .I’ve said something like that in emails before.

I would guess most of you have in your new business outreach.

Ultimately, I think this is fairly harmless, but it brings up two good points.

1) If you’re going to say, “We’d love to. . . ” in an email or call, you’d better show that prospect, at least initially, that you understand their general challenges and/or the industry first. Otherwise, you really shouldn’t go there, because every other agency calling on this prospect would also love to.

2) Switch it up. Quite frankly some prospects aren’t going to be bothered by you saying “we’d love to introduce ourselves,” but in your next outreach, leave it out.  Instead be more direct: “Would you be open to a conversation?”

 But again, even then, show them first why they should even consider a conversation.

in the end, there are a lot bigger concerns when it comes to your new business efforts, but if it’s bothering one person, it’s probably bothering someone else, so always good to keep the little things in mind.

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