Your Prospects Don’t Care About Your Culture-3 Takeaways Ep. 27

Your Prospects Don’t Care About Your Culture-3 Takeaways Ep. 27

Agencies love to talk about the culture they’ve created, and it is important, but far too many firms use their culture as the main driver of their new business effort.

That’s a mistake, because your prospects don’t care about your culture – at least not right out of the gate.

Think about how busy you are. Now think about how busy your prospects are. Put yourself in your prospect’s place.

I’ll give you a real-world example to illustrate the first two takeaways-my company, RSW-as much as we’ve worked to build our culture over these last almost 14 years-you, as a member of your firm, and therefore a potential client of RSW, don’t care about what we’ve built. As I said, at least not upfront.

Culture is very important to us as a company, and everyone here has worked hard to establish it. We’re proud of it.

But what’s the very first thing you want to know, as an agency principal or new business director, if I reach out to you-what’s the first thing you care about? It’s not the culture we’ve built-you want to know how can we help you first? How can we help you drive more new business?

Continuing this hypothetical, if we have a conversation, it probably will help you to know that, among all the contact you probably get on a weekly basis from lead gen firms or business development firms, we’re one of the few that actually has a culture, and it does, in fact, help our clients to succeed. We believe that.

Your Prospects Don’t Care About Your Culture


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