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jan 22

What is a qualified agency new business meeting?

A new business director at an agency asked me this week if we had any posts on qualifying prospects. And while we touch on the subject often, short answer was, interestingly, no. It is a particularly important agency new business question, and one you should define within your own firm. You might be surprised to […]

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jan 14

Finally, a Reason to Outsource Agency New Business

In this week’s Adweek, Andy McMains features our latest survey that in part, warns of the challenges facing marketing Agencies as we look ahead over the next 5 years. The article, titled “Survey Predicts a Bleak Future for Agencies”, highlights Marketer and Agency responses to an open-ended question in the survey which asks: What will […]

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jan 10

Ad Agency New Business-Is Your Agency Irrelevant?

In a recent Ad Age post, the CCO of DDB Worldwide, Amir Kassaei, laid out three ways to fix what he called the “flawed agency model.” The first fix he posits: ‘Recognize we’re not in the ad business.” Without getting off track as to how this relates to ad agency new business, one vital point […]

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dec 17

10 Agency New Business Questions for Joe Saracino

Following is the fourth in a series of monthly posts titled, “10 Agency New Business Questions,” in which we ask individuals who’ve found success heading new business at their respective agencies 10 questions regarding their new business strategy and experience. In this post, we asked Joe Saracino from the Erwin Penland agency in Greenville, South Carolina to […]

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dec 11

The Key Ingredients To Masterful Ad Agency New Business

A paraphrased quote from an agency principal in a recent conversation: “We’re writing good content-our prospects aren’t reading it.” A verified case of “Build it and they will not come.” Unless you are a “name” agency, decision makers are not flocking to your content, that’s true. (And if you’re a “name” agency, you could argue […]

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dec 05

Ad Agency New Business-How Much does Spec Creative Really Cost you?

Following is guest post from Mary-Lynn Bellamy-Willms, CEO of FunctionFox, the maker of the leading time and project management software, TimeFox.  Having been in the advertising business for over 20 years, and in the time and project tracking business for over 10 years, I’ve learned a few lessons. In fact more than a few, but unfortunately, some […]

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dec 03

New Book Offers Knock Out Social Media Advice for Marketers and Agencies

Getting social media right is tricky for any business. The variety of platforms can be dizzying, and it’s hard to tell whether your posts should be designed to sell, or simply increase brand awareness with fans and followers. For anyone who feels like their social media strategy is more hit and miss than they would […]

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nov 22

RSW/US Agency New Business Thought Leader Interview with Tim Williams

We continue our 2013 RSW/US Agency New Business Thought Leader Video Series with Tim Williams of Ignition Consulting Group. Ignition Consulting Group is the leading knowledge hub for marketing communications professionals devoted to helping marketing firms create and capture more value. In this video, RSW/US owner and President Mark Sneider talks with Tim about the […]

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nov 20

Ad Agency New Business Development-7 Things Marketers Want You To Know (But Don’t Always Tell You)

The process of ad agency new business development currently takes place at a time of vast change-coming out of the recession and with tools agencies didn’t have access to even five years ago. In many ways, it’s recently gotten easier-agencies tell us that budgets are opening up and projects are more numerous. The recent trend […]

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nov 15

RSW/US Agency New Business Thought Leader Interview with Jay Baer

We continue our 2013 RSW/US Agency New Business Thought Leader Video Series with Jay Baer. Jay is a hype-free social media and content strategist & speaker, and author of Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype. He’s also the founder of and host of the Social Pros podcast. We first saw Jay speak at the […]

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