R.I.P. (and thanks) Tony Mikes

Second Wind's Tony Mikes

This past week Tony Mikes, the founder of Second Wind, passed away after a year-long struggle with brain cancer. In 1988, after many years as an agency owner, Tony founded Second Wind: his self-professed “second life.” Tony felt strongly that smaller agencies needed resources and information designed to help them build better agencies and it…
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The Back Half Of The Year Is Here-Is Your Agency Ready? A checklist.

The Back Half Of The Year Is Here-Is Your Agency Ready A checklist 2

Believe it or not, the back half of the year is here. The smart agencies will be prepared with a new business plan, especially as your prospects start their planning several months from now. Too many agencies, using the old adage, don’t see the forest for the trees.  Their new business focus is on appointments,…
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Looking At Your Competition Like Looking In The Mirror?

Looking At Your Competition Like Looking In The Mirror

It’s always annoying when you see the click-bait “Death of” or ‘Is X Dead” headline regarding a platform or service, so I was pleasantly surprised with Twitter’s Death Warmed Over in the MediaPost. The author does a nice job of pointing out what Twitter is, and isn’t, in its current state of existence, kicking things…
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Straight From the Marketing Prospect’s Mouth


Agency New Business is tough business. Many agencies make it harder than it should be by doing it the wrong way when reaching out to a marketing prospect.  As an example, you can have the greatest sales person in the world, but if they don’t understand your agency, or they pound and pound and pound,…
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Best of the Worst Agency Searches

Best of the wurst

Having now managed over 30 searches for brands like Mariano’s, Mercy Health, Jack-in-the-Box, Duck Tape, Mizkan Foods, Cayman Islands, and Motorola, we haven’t seen it all…but we’ve seen quite a bit. Here are some of the “best of the worst” of agency searches – and some pointers for agencies if they’re listening/watching/reading this post! In…
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Agency New Business Tools – Email Marketing Services: Do They Deliver?


In our recent New Business Tools webinar, we noted the steady growth in the number of agencies reporting they use email marketing tools for agency new business. Since we began surveying and reporting on agency use of technology in new business development, email marketing tools have climbed from the #4 spot to #2, right behind…
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Agency New Business Tools – Name the Top Three!


We’re into our third year of the Agency New Business Tools and Technology Survey that we field annually with Mirren. With the history that’s developing, we can observe interesting emergence, evolution, and enhancement of the tools available to support agency new business programs. This year’s survey returned rich information once again, and we have a…
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Agency New Business “Don’t Send this Email”: Part II


Yes, this is very elementary.  But, it keeps happening. One of our recent posts addressed how critical it is to put yourself in the prospect’s place when writing emails for agency new business. For ANY written communication, it’s important that the messaging be clear and succinct. Even more fundamental – be CERTAIN to have the…
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Agency New Business-No Prospect Left Behind!

Agency New Business-No Prospect Left Behind

One tenet we abide by at RSW/US= No prospect is ever “dead”. But I heard that put in a better way this week: No prospect left behind. So I’m sticking with that from now on. What does that mean to your agency new business effort? Two stats I’ve used in the past that I’ll revisit…
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