Reason 523 For An Agency New Business Strategy=An RFP Takes 1 Person 22+ Hours

Agency New Business Strategy

When I talk with agencies about RSW/US new business development/lead gen services, RFPs do enter the conversation, but I always throw out this caveat: our agency new business strategy does not include  chasing RFPs for our agency clients. Does that mean we ignore them? No, because we know there are some clients and some sectors where RFPs…
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In Agency New Business, Make Them Feel Like You’re ALWAYS Ramping Up

In a post back in February: A Desired Agency New Business Outcome – Make Them Feel Like You’re Ramping Up I spoke about how a few of the agencies selected in recent searches we managed on the RSW/AgencySearch side of our business made the client feel like they were already ramping up. They tailored the presentation…
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7 Things Really Persuasive People (and Agencies) Do

This article in Forbes by Kevin Daum about the 7 things that really persuasive people (and in my opinion agencies) do, was fantastic!       Two reasons:  1. Great advice if you’re in an agency new business role for your agency. 2. Great advice to agencies in general – relative to how they need to think…
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10 Agency New Business Questions for Jeff Fromm

Jeff Fromm

Following is the first in a series of monthly posts titled, “10 Agency New Business Questions,” in which we ask individuals who’ve found success heading new business at their respective agencies 10 questions regarding their new business strategy and experience. In this inaugural post, we asked 10 Agency New Business Questions to Jeff Fromm at…
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The Agency New Business Proposal Tells All

Agency Look in the Mirror

The agency new business proposal is a manifestation of you and your agency. It is a reflection of who you are and how you operate.  Think about it in human terms. You’ve seen them.  People who don’t care a great deal about the way they look.  More often than not the way they look is…
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Your Agency New Business Copy-Would You Hire Your Agency?


When the week kicks in (all too soon) and your agency new business activity kicks into gear, think about the picture below:   As important as a content engine is for agency new business, agencies tend to forget that what they’re saying about their agency is equally if not more important than how they say…
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5 Things Agencies Do To Cost Themselves New Business

New Business

Agencies are notoriously hard-pressed to create, organize and maintain a targeted new business process. It’s understandable. Clients must come first, and all the best new business intentions fall by the wayside when a client needs you – which is essentially “all the time.” Agencies typically hire RSW/US for this reason, but for those agencies handling…
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Agency New Business: Prospects Go Dark, Don’t Let Your Agency Do The Same

Agency New Business

Originally featured in the BOLO Digital Conference Blog as Agency New Business: Prospects Go Dark, Don’t Let Your Agency Do The Same As an agency-focused new business development/lead generation firm that helps clients win new business, we had some amazing conversations with agency principals at BOLO 2012 and were asked throughout the conference where we thought…
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Blurring Lines In Ad Agency Services

Ad Agency Services

RSW/US owner and President Mark Sneider shares the ad agency services advice he recently gave a group of Omnicom agencies in San Francisco, focusing on the question, “What happens when agencies all start to look alike?”

Ad Agency New Business-Stop Acting Like A Supervillain

Ad Agency New Business

You know how supervillains often tell the captured prisoner their evil plans, in copious detail, don’t kill them and then invariably fail when the hero escapes? The below video from Austin Powers sums it up pretty nicely. The gist of the video? Dr. Evil: Scott, I want you to meet daddy’s nemesis, Austin Powers Scott Evil:…
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