The Myth Of The Ultimate Agency New Business Rolodex


The great dilemma: hire an outsourced company like RSW/US or hire an internal new business person, perhaps one who has the fabled “ultimate agency new business Rolodex”-it’s a difficult decision. I’m not going to give you all the self-serving reasons why you should go with a company like ours, because we’re not always the right…
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Agency New Business Prospects on the Rise – So Beware!!

agency new business enthusiasm

In our latest survey featured in Monday’s Adweek (2012 New Year Outlook Report – Agency and Marketer Expectations for the Coming Year), Agencies are feeling pretty good about the prospects for new business in 2012. A lot of Agency enthusiasm for 2012 (as reported in our survey) is driven by the number of new business opportunities…
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What’s For Dinner – Is Your Blog Hungry?


Just like your children, blogs are constantly hungry and need to be fed.  If you’re in charge of your agency’s blog, I’m sure you hear your blog calling out to you, “MOM! What’s for dinner?” OK – maybe you’re not hearing voices, but you know that for your blog to remain a relevant business development…
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Agency New Business-Elvis Costello Can Help


A few thoughts on agency new business via an interesting Forbes article by Eric Jackson titled The Seven Habits of Spectacularly Unsuccessful Executives. Three of the seven “habits”  distinguished themselves in their application to the agency world and agency new business. It’s Good to be the King 1. They see themselves and their companies as…
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Agency New Business Prospecting–The New Carbs?

my year

At the beginning of each New Year, many of us make resolutions – you know those really hard things to do that you wouldn’t dream of doing unless you’ve had several glasses of bubbly, like losing 20 pounds or in my Mother’s case, finding her daughter a husband. Now we all know how these “resolutions”…
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Agency New Business: Stop Looking Ahead For a Minute & Think About “The Now”

Stop looking ahead

A quick post focusing on “the now.” Take a minute to think about your current clients. Don’t Forget Thinking about your new business plan ongoing is, of course, critically important, but three things in regards to current clients you shouldn’t forget: 1)      Do you have a plan to retain current clients? If not, you need…
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RSWUS – 2012 Agency and Marketer Look Forward

Mark Sneider, Owner/President of RSW/US, discusses the outlook for 2012 as seen through the eyes of Marketers and Agencies – calling out some differences and some meaningful similarities. Mark also offers Agencies counsel on how to best manage what looks to be a much more competitive landscape in 2012.  

Agency New Business Positioning-All The Same?


A tale of agency new business positioning from sunny California: We were there for a new client kickoff, had beautiful weather and an hour or so before the meeting and decided to take in the neighborhood. We essentially walked around the same block a few times and the second time around, I noticed a Mandarin restaurant that I could have sworn was on the other side of the block. Well, there were in fact two Mandarin restaurants in the same block. While not shocking, it was strange that they would do so little to differentiate themselves. Not knowing how old each restaurant was, perhaps the neighborhood just really loved their Mandarin cuisine? Agency New Business Positioning-All the Same Fast forward to a few hours later in our new…
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Mark Sneider Speaks on Agency New Business at 4A’s Orange Forum

Atlanta Business

Many thanks to the 4A’s and the Orange Forum for inviting  Mark Sneider (RSW/US Owner & President) to speak last week (December 1) at 4A’s Orange Forum in Atlanta, Georgia. Mark  discussed the importance of making each agency prospect mentally “Check the Boxes” in response to the agency’s new business process…from the start of the prospecting process – when first…
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RSW/US: Agency New Business & The Cobbler’s Children-The Comic Book

Cobbler's Children Cover

We consistently hear from agency principals that their new business effort is most similar to The Cobbler’s Children story. So much so, we thought it would be fun to encapsulate how similar by creating a comic telling the story-where agency principals often find themselves when creating and maintaining a new business program. (to zoom and view each page in one frame, click the minus button in the…
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