Agency New Business: Know When To Fold ‘Em


When country musician Kenny Rogers sang “The Gambler,” I doubt he was thinking about agency business development, but this song contains some advice that agencies should take to heart.   You have to know when to hold ‘em. Know when to fold ‘em. Know when to walk away. Know when to run.   Sometimes there…
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You Can’t Hashtag Your Way to Social Change


In a recent FastCompany article, Courtney Martin talks about the dangers of relying too heavily on what’s hot in social media, the need for integration of traditional platforms, and the need to recognize that change takes time to influence and to not expect an overnight reversal of attitudes and consumer behavior. She talks about it in…
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(Another) New Beginning

RSW Sign (2)

Monday marked the fourth office move in six years for RSW/US. With each move, I try to plan for long-term growth, but every time we move, we seem to fill up our space more quickly than anticipated as our client roster grows at a consistently fast clip and the tenure of our client base grows…
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The Three Ingredients For Ad Agency New Business Success And A Challenge

More Effective Agency New Business Program

The three ingredients for ad agency new business success? Awareness, Consistency and Persistence. But prior to implementing these ingredients, you need to have your positioning tightly scripted. Not a literal script, mind you, but a concise overview that conveys who you are, what you do and why a potential client should work with you. So…
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You Dare Doubt The Power of Prospecting For Advertising Agency New Business?!


Bringing in advertising agency new business has never been more interesting. New technologies continually add layers of convenience and effectiveness while also adding layers of time many of you don’t have in learning and implementing those technologies. With these new technologies also comes an attitude from many agencies that traditional prospecting is dead, doesn’t work. Depending on their definition…
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Mind Your P&Ls If You Want To Stay In The C-Suite


I recently read CMG Partner’s fourth “CMO Agenda,” where they interviewed 30 “game-changing” marketers in the US, about trends in our space. So what makes these marketing leaders game changing? They are getting into that area that marketers traditionally fear to tread, the ROI.  They are becoming trusted advisors to CEOs and doing the unthinkable-leveraging…
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Why Are Ad Agencies So Cautious To Say What They Are?


Ad agencies are cautious because they don’t want to be pigeonholed as too broad (full service) or too specific (digital) and so instead use fluffy words that don’t convey what they functionally do. Take agency sites (or collateral) for example, here are some random blurbs taken from real agency sites: -Deep strategic insights -Focusing on the power…
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Are You Ready to Walk the Line for Your Agency?


I read a great blog post on Fast Company several weeks ago, 7 Ways Daring Brands Walk the Line. Of course, any time I hear the words “walk the line,” my first thought is of the original man in black, the legendary Johnny Cash. Mr. Cash was an outlaw and also a pioneer whose career…
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