Prospecting Isn’t Easy Charlie Brown

Charlie brown football

No One Ever Said It Was Easy Do you know what makes me get up from my seat and do the Snoopy happy dance in my cube? Receiving e-mails from my clients that they have closed NEW BUSINESS from a prospect that I cultivated for them. I got one such email today from a client,…
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Your Agency New Business Person. Struggling? Some Advice.


  I liked this recent Inc. article on how to improve a struggling sales team. If your agency is large enough to have a new business team, I encourage you to take a look. If you’re a small to mid-sized agency, the reality is the partners are handling new business or you have one, maybe…
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I Want My Money Back

forget me

As we alluded to in a prior post, the new business directors here at RSW/US recently attended a very interesting sales training session. Consider this post a part two of sorts, there were all kinds of takeaways “worth mentioning.” Before the instructor began his class, he warned us that he was not “politically correct,” and…
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StruckAxiom Honored by Two Leading Industry Publications


It’s been a great week for our friends at StruckAxiom.  The agency with offices in Salt Lake, Portland, NYC and LA, was recognized by two leading industry publications for its amazing digital and creative work. AdAge named StruckAxiom the winner of the Southwest Region for its Small Agency Awards – agencies with 150 or fewer…
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RSW/US 2011 Webinar Series

Webinar spotlight-blue final

  Update: We’re excited to add a fifth webinar, Realistic Social Media Tools for Agency New Business Prospecting on 12/8 to finish up the year strong! With the success of last year’s webinar series, we’re excited to announce our 2011 Webinar Series. Below is a schedule and registration link for all four no-cost webinars. We…
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Agency New Business & The Change of the Guard

guard change

  All the signs are right this time You don’t have to try so very hard If you live in this world You’re feelin’ the change of the guard -Steely Dan, Change of the Guard     In a recent post, I talked about the importance of patience in Agency New Business.  Randy Gunter of…
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Agency New Business: All Pain And Still No Gain?


Does the title describe your current agency new business effort? If so, time to ask yourself why. Is it lack of consistency, value of outreach or patience?  It’s usually one (or all) of the three. I’m going to focus on the patience aspect for this post. Agencies seem to lack it when it comes to…
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Is Google+ Really An Addition To Your Social Platform?


A friend of mine recently sent me an invitation to Google+, the new social media platform by Google.  At first, I cringed with the thought of having yet another social media platform that needed to be monitored, updated and coddled.  Aren’t my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, blog and YouTube accounts enough?  Do I really need…
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You Will Not Believe a “Sales Guru” Actually Uses These Techniques

Sales Guru

On The ANB, we’re consistently trying to show you ways to improve your new business program and it’s typically in the form of what we recommend you should do.  In this case, it’s all about what you shouldn’t do. Several of us went to a sales symposium recently to help inspire us and get some…
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