Mind Your P&Ls If You Want To Stay In The C-Suite


I recently read CMG Partner’s fourth “CMO Agenda,” where they interviewed 30 “game-changing” marketers in the US, about trends in our space. So what makes these marketing leaders game changing? They are getting into that area that marketers traditionally fear to tread, the ROI.  They are becoming trusted advisors to CEOs and doing the unthinkable-leveraging…
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Why Are Ad Agencies So Cautious To Say What They Are?


Ad agencies are cautious because they don’t want to be pigeonholed as too broad (full service) or too specific (digital) and so instead use fluffy words that don’t convey what they functionally do. Take agency sites (or collateral) for example, here are some random blurbs taken from real agency sites: -Deep strategic insights -Focusing on the power…
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Are You Ready to Walk the Line for Your Agency?


I read a great blog post on Fast Company several weeks ago, 7 Ways Daring Brands Walk the Line. Of course, any time I hear the words “walk the line,” my first thought is of the original man in black, the legendary Johnny Cash. Mr. Cash was an outlaw and also a pioneer whose career…
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What a Supermodel and Pop Star Can Teach You about New Business Development


Usually the day after that last big football game – I think it’s a copyright infringement for me to actually name it – our office is abuzz discussing the TV ads that marketers spend millions of dollars producing. This year our topic of conversation was all about the half-time show and the comments a certain…
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Agency New Business: Survival of the Fittest


Guest post by RSW/US New Business Director Rita Baker To those of us who have spent our lives trying to drive business by selling something …whether its fruit flies or atomic bombs we’ve all heard the adage at one time or another “it’s a jungle out there”. For many, that conjures up images of terrifying…
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RSW/US 2012 New Year Outlook Survey Video

We’ve gotten several requests to post more agency new business videos throughout the year. We appreciate those requests, and so in that spirit, RSW/US Owner and President Mark Sneider brings a topline perspective to our 2012 New Year Outlook Survey, conducted among Marketers and Agency principals. Ideally, it helps you gain perspective that could prove of value as…
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Your Ad Agency Web Site: Still a Hot Mess


Take a look at your average ad agency web site today-2002 comes to mind. If you are engaged in finding new business for your agency in any form-where do you drive them to find out more about you? In almost every case, it’s to your site, or landing page, microsite, etc. (And BTW, you’d better…
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Hey Y’all, I’m Your New Business Director


Paula Deen, the Food Network’s unapologetic Queen of Deep-Fried, Butter and Mayonnaise, just became the spokeswoman for a diabetes medication for Novo Nordisk. Apparently, she’s been living with Type 2 diabetes for three years and taking Novo Nordisk’s medication that she is now representing. So what does this have to do with New Business Development…
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The Myth Of The Ultimate Agency New Business Rolodex


The great dilemma: hire an outsourced company like RSW/US or hire an internal new business person, perhaps one who has the fabled “ultimate agency new business Rolodex”-it’s a difficult decision. I’m not going to give you all the self-serving reasons why you should go with a company like ours, because we’re not always the right…
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