In our third and final mini-infographic highlighting key takeaways from our 2018 RSW/US-Mirren New Business Tools Report, we focus on the tools agencies are using for prospect business intelligence. This was a new category for us in 2018 and the results underlined a positive trend we saw throughout the report: Agencies are taking more time […]

This is the second in our series of mini-infographics that highlight key takeaways from our 2018 RSW/US-Mirren New Business Tools Report. In this infographic, we look at overall effectiveness of new business tools by category, and you told us resoundingly that there’s work to be done. Looking at 5 of the main categories, Social Media, […]

As we did with social media coming off our 2017 New Business Tools Report, over the course of the coming months we’ll bring the spotlight on other categories from the report. In this case, we’re focusing on marketing automation for agencies, or inbound platforms. These platforms were either wholly embraced or eschewed initially- many agencies […]

Our blog series focusing on our latest report, The RSWUS-Mirren 2017 New Business Tools Report. 2017 Agency New Business Tools Report-Social Media: Punch Drunk And Not In Love Oh social media, when it comes to driving new business, you are indeed punch drunk. For yet another year, social media is the most-used category, as reported […]

We’re excited to partner with Mirren again this year to release the RSWUS-Mirren 2017 Agency New Business Tools Report. Thank you to all of you who participated, we had a solid turnout of 400 agencies this year. You can download it at no cost here! We’re consistently told by agencies that this report holds up as a […]

For the past five years, we’ve released our new business tools report with Mirren.  It’s one of our more popular pieces of content. One tool we don’t talk about in the survey (because it doesn’t really make sense in context): Snail Mail It’s interesting how many agencies look at me strangely, or question using mail […]

A stat I’ve spoken to previously that bears repeating: 63% of agencies told us it was harder to break through to prospects in 2016 than the previous year. The reason: where there used to be the traditional gatekeeper you had to get through to reach the decision maker, now you’re surrounded by gatekeepers. (Thanks technology!) […]

This chart probably makes the point best:  Marketing Technology has EXPLODED over the past five years. In 2011, the Chief Marketing Technologist Blog identified 100 Marketing Technology firms.  As of January this year, that number approached 1900.  Little doubt it will have passed the 2000 mark by the time January rolls around again. So what […]