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Wondering Why Your New Business Efforts Aren’t Effective?

Wondering Why Your New Business Efforts Aren’t Effective? I can throw out several potential reasons: no consistency, no plan, no one owns the effort, to name a few. These are all valid reasons and I don’t mean to diminish their importance with a quick list, but recently, I’ve seen several patterns reoccur across multiple firms […]

Why Ad Agencies Don’t Like To Self-Promote

The answer to “Why Ad Agencies Don’t Like To Self-Promote” is rooted in good intentions, and it’s completely understandable. There’s a reason the phrase “shameless self-promotion” exists-agencies feel like it’s unseemly, for lack of a better word. And in some cases (even with all the craven social media self-promotion out there), it is. There’s nothing […]

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8 Marketing Technology Stats To Help Ad Agencies Boost Client Retention [Data]

Organic growth and client retention are top of mind for ad agencies and they’re topics, along with marketing technology, we’ve discussed recently as well. Along those lines, we just released our latest survey report, which you can (and should) download here: RSW/US 2021 Marketing Technology & Agency New Business Tools.  As we point out in […]


What Your Agency Prospecting Brand Is And Why You Need It {Data} 

To get more new business, you need to think of your agency as a brand, in all your touches, but not in the traditional way, I’m talking about your prospecting brand.  First, a bit of explanation.  Your traditional brand vs. your prospecting brand When I say “traditional” agency brand, I often hear agencies talk about their philosophy, […]


2 Reasons Your Agency Can’t Ignore Outbound Right Now [Data]

I’m going to give you 2 reasons your agency can’t ignore outbound right now, but first, a quick table set. If there’s anything agency leaders know, it’s the cyclical nature of the industry.  Certain trends ebb and flow like the tides, for example, this sound familiar?  “This year, we’re moving everything in-house.”  (Next year) New plan! We need an agency.  (Mid-Year) We need multiple agencies.  (End of Year) OK, we […]

3 Ways Agencies Can Land And Expand

We’re going to talk three ways to look at how to land and expand, and how it ties into your overall new business strategy. Organic growth is one, if not the biggest profit driver for your agency, yet so many struggle with it. Welcome to “3 Takeaways”, your agency new business video series where we focus on one new […]


Two Secrets For Writing Engaging Agency New Business Content

Two Secrets For Writing Engaging Agency New Business Content  We recently had a client come to us as they plan an internal review of their agency communications, and they asked several salient questions across categories and disciplines relating to new business.  One of those was a question I wanted to share, because agencies ask some version of it often:  What blog post subjects seem to be […]