RSW/US Ad Agency New Business Round Up-September

RSW/US Ad Agency New Business Round Up!

This is the RSW/US Ad Agency New Business Round Up!

We’re putting a spotlight on some of the posts, interviews, or articles that caught our eye-all centered around ad agency new business.

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  1. Experts Share How to Use Video Marketing to Upgrade Your Advertising Strategy

Agencies consistently talk with us about video strategy, or lack thereof, and while not every one of these will apply to your video business development strategy, this article is worth a look:

Try These Proven YouTube Video Ideas

If you’re ready to start creating videos for your business, it may help to gather inspiration from other creators. The ideas in this Blogging Wizard post by Nicola Bleu include proven options straight from YouTube.

2.  In the Age Of AI, How Ad Agencies Can Bring Unique Value To Clients

As tired as you probably are of hearing about AI and how it will deliver us to the promised land, or the opposite, you can’t ignore it.

This is a solid read on AI, directed at ad agencies, and the points here are worth a look:

The most important aspect of an experiment is the thinking that goes behind experiment design. A good client and a good agency partner will know what are the new things they are trying every month.

Here, generative AI and other tools can help to streamline or speed up the process, but only a dedicated account manager will be able to run such experiments and implement learning at scale. A good agency partner elevates the delivery quality every year and keeps pace with all the tech developments on the ad platforms.

3. Cut to the Chase with Corey Morris, CEO & Owner, Voltage| Ep. 5

Corey Morris is the President, CEO, and Owner of Voltage in Kansas City, MO.

In episode 5 of Cut To The Chase, we talk:

  • The transformation from Voltage Creative, a full-service creative shop, to what they’ve become today
  • The struggle with positioning and dropping the full-service language as the agency evolved, thought leadership and how Corey got into writing for Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal
  • And what AI means for SEO.

4. Benefits of the RFP Process for Ad Agencies

Cher Scholl is a new business director here at RSW, and recently, Cher and I traded emails on the RFP process and the increased amount of RFPs she’s seeing.

Interestingly, this topic came up in episodes three and four of our Cut to the Chase agency interview series (shameless plug).  Those agency owners had alternating views-one steadfastly against, the other open to them.

As a general rule of thumb, we don’t chase RFPs for our agency clients, but there are multiple exceptions.

In her post, Cher gets into what she’s seeing on the business development front, and provides a counterpoint to never, ever doing another one.


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