Two Ways To Beat The Dreaded Ad Agency New Business Director 18 Month Curse

In the graph below (which you can find in our survey reports) 45% of agencies told us they managed the process without a new business director and 41% said a new business director within the agency leads the effort. In our 3 Takeaways video series, we discussed the topic (Agency New Business Directors-The 18th Month […]

The Mark Of A Truly Great New Business Director 

The ongoing new business challenge for agencies: who drives new business? Is it the principals, a new business hire, a firm like ours?  And if it’s a new hire, how to find that truly great agency new business director? All the above options are, of course, viable, although agencies tend to go the hiring route.  We’ve written quite a few […]

A big thank you to AMI (Agency Management Institute) for my guest post, Be Wary of the New Business Development Director With the Legendary Prospecting Network. You can read it below in its entirety. There is a great dilemma many agency owners face time and time again: Do you hire an internal new business development person […]

We’re not big proponents of selling ourselves too often in our blog, but creating content around client wins is a cause for celebration, and you should always take time to take a breath and celebrate the wins. Here’s a client win video our Marcom team created for an NYC client who focuses on the entertainment […]

85% of Agency New Business Directors last less than 2 Years

Several stats are worth noting here, specifically around new business directors and their efficacy and tenure. One of the initial questions we asked agencies was “Have you hired a full-time new business hunter/director as part of your staff to prospect for leads in the past 3 years?” 55% of agencies responded they had not hired […]

An interesting post from Bob Hoffman at his blog The Ad Contrarian, focused on brand preoccupation with data. At one point, Bob lays these three points out: On the other hand, big picture marketers know a few big things: People are more likely to buy brands they’re familiar with. People are more likely to buy […]

To Get the Second Meeting. So knowing that, don’t sabotage that first meeting.  A few real-world examples to avoid:  1) Trying to make the meeting more than it is (a first step) You’re not signing the contract at the first meeting. New business is a process and not every meeting is going to result in immediate […]

In a recent client kickoff with an agency client, one of the principals said, “You know I get so many sales calls and emails and in the majority of them, they end with “we’d love to set some time to meet, we’d love to introduce ourselves, we’d love to. . . .something.” She went on to […]

So, you’ve scheduled that new business meeting.  This is Part II in the series on “Now The Work Begins!” Our recent post on fully preparing for that agency new business meeting your team worked so hard to schedule offered steps to take in advance, showing your prospect how interested and familiar you are with their business […]

With agency new business, you KNOW how much effort can go into getting a prospect to commit to an initial meeting. Once that meeting is scheduled though, the work is not over. Accordingly, as we collaborate with our clients here at RSW/US, our support continues on long after getting the meeting on everyone’s calendars. Each […]