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15 Years Strong Driving Agency New Business

We at RSW/US celebrated our 15th birthday this past week! 15 years of helping marketing service firms find and win new business.  Been quite the ride for sure! Recession.  Recovery.  The Digital Coming of Age.  Data and Analytics.  Marketing Technology Explosion.  In-House Agencies.  Big Consulting Firms.  Rise in Independents.  Social Media Evolution. I’m dizzy just […]

Tools From MarTech West You Should Be Aware Of

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend MarTech West, one of the premier marketing technology conferences in the country. They have a sister conference coming up this Fall out East.  Well worth checking out. For marketers, marketing technology matters because it’s going to make them more efficient, operate smarter, and ideally […]

Quality Marketing Lists are a Thing of Beauty

Building quality marketing lists had always been the bane of our existence at RSW/US. Not any more.  Not since our launch of RSW/Lists, the first guaranteed accurate, self-service list sales website in the country. We would subscribe to different services and no matter the service, the quality of the marketing lists we’d buy were never […]


The Importance of Quality Marketing Contact Lists for Agency New Business Programs

We just introduced a new self-service marketing contact list offering called RSW/Lists (www.rswlists.com). All contact information is verified every 90 days, making it one of the cleanest, if not the cleanest in the country. We built up the list completely separate from any of our client programs for the purpose of helping agencies work with […]