Marketers Plan To Consolidate Roster Agencies In 2020

Marketers plan to consolidate roster agencies in 2020 Per our latest 2020 New Year Outlook Report, Marketers plan to consolidate roster agencies in 2020. 35% report they plan to use fewer agencies, versus 26% in 2018 and 15% in 2017. You’re shaking your head aren’t you? We’ve been here before, haven’t we? Yes, yes we […]

From our 2019 RSW/US New Year Outlook Survey, an interesting stat: for the first time in five years of our survey, the desire for specialist agencies dropped. And dropped 7%. OK, the sky is obviously not falling, 64% of marketers told us they’re looking for a level of specialization from the agencies they work with, […]

In our 2018 RSW/US New Year Outlook Report, we unearthed a significant shift in the market that might have bigger, full-service shops concerned. Today, more so than years past, marketers are looking to fill specialty talent voids left by their roster shops at what could be considered an aggressive pace. In 2013, only 47% of […]

RSW/US’s Lee McKnight with the final video in the “60 Second Series” on our 2017 New Business Outlook Report. Specifically, we’re talking marketers moving agency services in-house. Like the increase in project work we saw in our report, this is another trend that’s increasing in 2017. Nearly 80% of agencies predict their clients will move […]

…it would be worth peeling back a layer.   A data point that stood out in the RSW/US 2016 New Year Outlook Survey was 34% of Marketers indicating plans to increase spending somewhat or significantly in traditional media.    It was noteworthy for two reasons: This is the first time in recent years that Marketers indicated […]

In his timeless book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey identifies the first habit as “Be Proactive”.   Always true in agency new business, it’s particularly important to remember when times are comparatively good: to be ultra-proactive – to make hay while the sun shines. In this recently posted video, RSW/US Owner and President, […]

Not just nagging here: doing the homework on your prospects is crucial. Marketer feedback from the 2016 RSW/US New Year Outlook Survey brings up a recurring theme: marketers feeling like their agencies do not understand sufficiently their business, their industry or the challenges they face. Certainly, marketers want their current agency partners to be vested, […]

My favorite part of our annual survey reports are the addendums. We get unvarnished, raw feedback from agencies and marketers that you don’t typically get to read or hear. I highly recommend you take a look at the addendum in our 2016 New Year Outlook Survey Report. It features unedited answers to a question we […]