RSW/US Ad Agency New Business Round Up-September

We’re putting a spotlight on some of the posts, interviews, or articles that caught our RSW eye-all centered around ad agency new business-it’s the RSW/US Ad Agency New Business Round Up-July . A Blessing and a Boogeyman: Advertisers Warily Embrace A.I. Yes, more on AI, but this article provides more detail than your typical, AI […]

Wondering Why Your New Business Efforts Aren’t Effective

Wondering Why Your New Business Efforts Aren’t Effective? I can throw out several potential reasons: no consistency, no plan, no one owns the effort, to name a few. These are all valid reasons and I don’t mean to diminish their importance with a quick list, but recently, I’ve seen several patterns reoccur across multiple firms […]

RSW Agency New Business Website Series, Pt. 3-Minding Your Website Analytics-Avoid The Rabbit Hole

RSW Agency New Business Website Series, Pt. 3: Minding Your Website Analytics Without Going Down the Rabbit Hole Welcome to the 3rd installment of our series around agency new business websites, in this post, we’re talking website analytics. If you haven’t yet, this series provides further context around our latest eBook, A Guide To Help […]

The materials you’ll want to gather before writing a case study Welcome to part 4 of our series on creating a case study. If you’ve been following these posts over the past several weeks, then you’ve chosen your audience, you know to make the client the star of the story, and you’ve landed on which […]

Six Tips To Help Your Prospecting Next Week

In this post, I’m giving you six tips to help your new business prospecting this week-I hope you’re all doing OK and staying safe. To kick things off, I’m guessing as well-intentioned as a lot of the messaging has been this past week, “uncertain times” is going to be at the top of the list […]

Why “Fix It Now” Doesn’t Work For New Business

We’ve all been in a situation where “Fix It Now” becomes a mantra we repeat over and over in the face of a problem that could have been avoided with preventative measures. Bill Schick, founder of MESH interactive in Boston, had an insightful post on LinkedIn around this topic, and as ever, I looked at […]

It’s a common question from agency principals: what can we do to help our recently hired new business director? It’s an excellent question, and one that is apparently tough to answer, as 85% of Agency New Business Directors last less than 2 Years. We’ve discussed how difficult it can be to hire an individual who […]

It’s time to address your sad, sad new business emails, it is indeed. Although I hope they’re not literally your emails, because if you’re sending out messages like the ones I lay out below, it’s time to recalibrate. We all get the generic, cute, and ineffective emails from salespeople, but I got one this week […]

I’m going down a rabbit hole with this one, but it’s a topic near and dear to my “sales email” heart. That is, leading a sales email with “Hi, I hope you’re well.” May seem like a minor thing, and maybe it is, but the topic, or practice, comes up more than you might think. […]

Marketing Charts released an article on our latest 2019 New Year Outlook Survey titled Agencies’ New Business Worries Spike. While we always appreciate the press, it is a bit gloom and doom.  They quote our stats around agencies thinking it will be more difficult to win business this year, in-house agencies increasing and marketers consolidating […]