New business should be an agency-wide endeavor, not just driven by a member of leadership or a new business director. But the question is, how does that manifest itself, in terms of the day-to-day, and for those individuals who aren’t tasked directly with new business activity? The 3 takeaways in this episode begin to answer […]

Taking more inspiration from LinkedIn: Lindsey Slaby from Sunday Dinner (who you should follow), threw out a great question on LinkedIn: Is a chemistry meeting more challenging than an actual pitch? I would say yes.  Lindsey initially points out, “There’s most likely no brief. And the wrong approach quickly eliminates an invitation to further discussions.” […]

I own far too many t-shirts. It’s true, and I accept it. What does that have to do with anything?  Over the course of traveling and meeting/talking with agencies, I take notes on potential blog topics. Going over those notes recently, I saw several key takeaways that really would make for excellent t-shirt slogans. Granted, […]

This is the second in our series of mini-infographics that highlight key takeaways from our 2018 RSW/US-Mirren New Business Tools Report. In this infographic, we look at overall effectiveness of new business tools by category, and you told us resoundingly that there’s work to be done. Looking at 5 of the main categories, Social Media, […]

We’re seeing/hearing more recently about marketers bringing work in-house. We’ve spoken to it on this blog and Digiday has a piece you should read titled Agencies see change ahead as clients take more marketing in-house. The article kicks off with a striking declaration from the P&G marketing chief: “We are now seizing back control”. Oh […]

I was pleased to be a part of HubSpot’s latest Marketing Agency Growth Report 2018. They asked me for thoughts on new business and what follows is my submission: One of the questions asked was, “What Are Your Agency’s Biggest Pain Points?” and I wasn’t surprised at the top two answers: finding new clients (60%) […]

Welcome back to Don’t Send this Email! In our past editions, Part I and Part II, we took real emails we received and broke down why they were ineffective. Really ineffective. (As in past posts, I’m not naming names of companies or people, not the point of this exercise.) What is the point? Always be […]

There was a panel at Advertising Week in New York of independent agency leaders who were all asked: Is now a good time to open an advertising agency? (I’m sure you have thoughts on the question.) Spoiler alert-the answer was a resounding yes from the panel and I think the recap on The Drum is […]

Do yourself a favor and read 4 Reasons the Death of Agency Culture, a Vital Differentiator, Is Near when you get a chance.  There’s a lot to digest that I can see agencies embracing, as well as vehemently disagreeing with. The points raised are important ones, and as ever, I considered the author’s stance from […]

As we bring our Agency New Business Thought Leader Series to a close, we wanted to provide a place to find all six of the interviews our owner, Mark Sneider, recorded with each thought leader. Each interview is below: Michael Gass David C Baker Laurie Mikes Drew McLellan Jody Sutter Tim Williams Thanks again to all […]