CMO Tenure, Agency New Business, and The Revolving Door

I didn’t see much chatter on some recent CMO stats-some good ammo for your agency new business efforts. Average CMO tenure=4.1 Years That might be surprising to you, given the seeming tendency towards revolving doors for the average CMO. (It was 23 months in 2006 BTW.) In the article I linked to above, a tenure…
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RSW/US Full-Service Agency Client Win-Commercial and Residential Hardware Company

Great to see another RSW/US client win! Our client, a Midwest full-service agency, landed a project with a fast-growing commercial and residential hardware company. Congrats! Addressed Concerns with Consistent Follow Up This win happened because the RSW New Business Director addressed prospect concerns early and consistently followed up to ensure those concerns were allayed.

Why Agencies Need to Do it Differently

think differently

I just finished presenting a webinar to about 100 agencies that was designed to help them understand that they need to start thinking about things differently if they expect to survive long-term. And it goes a lot further than just doing all the things we’ve told agencies in our Agency of the Future Infographic about…
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Agency New Business-Embrace The Snail

For the past five years, we’ve released our new business tools report with Mirren.  It’s one of our more popular pieces of content. One tool we don’t talk about in the survey (because it doesn’t really make sense in context): Snail Mail It’s interesting how many agencies look at me strangely, or question using mail…
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New Business Distraction-Lose Traction

I was in a kick-off meeting with a new agency client the other week and they asked a legitimate question: We want to add more prospect categories to the mix, but will it prove a distraction to the overall effort? This agency has a tremendous amount of experience in three core sectors, so our initial roadmap…
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Your Chance To Help Your Agency Peers Find The Tools For Successful New Business

One of our most-downloaded pieces of content every year is our New Business Tools Report-providing perspective from your peers on the tools they’re using to drive new business. You can download last year’s report here: RSW/US-Mirren Agency New Business Tools-2016 Annual Report  As in past years, we’re partnering with Mirren and would greatly appreciate your opinion…
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RSW/US Video: More marketers moving agency services in-house

RSW/US’s Lee McKnight with the final video in the “60 Second Series” on our 2017 New Business Outlook Report. Specifically, we’re talking marketers moving agency services in-house. Like the increase in project work we saw in our report, this is another trend that’s increasing in 2017. Nearly 80% of agencies predict their clients will move…
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New Business Must Be Part Of Your Agency Culture

I was invited to speak at an agency recently and the topic was “creating a culture of new business within the agency,” specifically aimed at small to mid-sized agencies. (The agency actually put together a new business week, focusing on different aspects of strategy, process and tools-something to consider.) Throughout my presentation, I focused on…
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RSW/US Video: Your prospects are investing in themselves, are you?

RSW/US’s Lee McKnight with the next video in our “60 Second Series,” pulled from our 2017 New Business Outlook Report. This second video is all about investment: your prospects are investing in themselves, are you investing in your firm?