Agency New Business Director Turnover Is Still A Concern


In our latest agency new business survey report, we asked: Have you hired a full-time new business hunter/director/manager (as part of your staff) to prospect for leads for your agency in the past three years? New business director turnover at agencies remains high Here’s that 3-year breakdown: 33% of new business directors at agencies last…
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If our Agency New Business Survey Report was a Fortune Cookie…


If the RSW/US 2016 Agency New Business Survey Report was a fortune cookie, it would foretell of an industry increasing in complexity, yet full of opportunity.   The RSW/US Agency New Business Survey is one we field every two years that examines the state of…well…Agency New Business Development. The 2016 Survey was the fourth in…
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Agencies and Marketers Agree: Google+ is Boring


We’ve just released the 2016 RSW/US Agency New Business Survey Report.   This is a survey we conduct every two years; 2016 presents our fourth report in the survey series. The primary objective of the Agency New Business Survey is hearing from agencies about the new business environment, and how industry changes have been affecting the…
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80-20 Rule in Social Media – Website Magazine Reminds Us


A Website Magazine article recently reminded readers of the importance of the 80-20 rule in Social Marketing: DO “listen” more than “talk”. DON’T broadcast a one-way monologue. Agencies SHOULD know these points, but data we’ve collected presents an interesting disconnect. In the Mirren-RSW/US New Business Tools 2016 Annual Report, released in May, 93% of Agencies…
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What a Deal! A Full Deck of Agency New Business Facts!


We’ve been dealing out a lot of new business tips, facts and advice over the past seven weeks….and the last 11 years! The “Winning Hands” playing cards we’ve been playing daily on #Instagram were truly dealt randomly, and “three of a kind” showed up in this week’s cards that caught my attention, given their common…
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Could a Robot Be Your Next Intern?


If a robot COULD take on some of your tasks as your next intern, think of the time you could free up for new business development! When it comes to Artificial intelligence I find there are two schools of thought. The first, a hostile takeover in which machines threaten our everyday way of life, and the…
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Why Aren’t You Using The Phone For Agency New Business?


You should check out John Barrow’s “Filling The Funnel” blog if you’re not familiar. He gives good, practical sales advice in a straightforward style-well worth a read. Specifically, his post, Pick Up The Phone, resonated with me.  The phone gets short shrift these days as a sales tool and that’s a mistake. When agency principals…
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Release Your Inner Curator: it’s good for business development (Part III)


This final post on my three-part series, Release Your Inner Curator, provides the fifth and final step in the content curation process. In addition, I’ve provided some thoughts on worthwhile curation apps available to simplify the process. Step Five: Share your curated content Sharing your findings can be as simple sending them in an email…
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Ever Feel Lost in the Agency New Business Shuffle?


We’re several weeks into the RSW/US “Winning Hands” promotion on Instagram.  Every week we’ve “dealt” five cards on Instagram, and every hand’s a winner that can keep your firm out of the agency new business shuffle. This week  a couple of the cards dealt presented a pair of tips that are very much related: This…
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Release Your Inner Curator: it’s good for business development (Part II)


We recently began a blog series showing how to gear up a content curation program of your own.  Part I included these steps: Set your curation strategy. Choose a topic.   Steps three and four follow here. Step Three: Gather sources You no doubt follow and read trade publications that are relevant to your industry…
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