Agency New Business And The Demise of Voicemail-What to Do About It

Agency New Business And The Demise of Voicemail-What to Do About It

When corporate powerhouses like Coca Cola and JP Morgan Chase eliminate employee voicemail services, it may seem that the job of agency new business development just got harder. Hold the phone though! It’s an opportunity to leverage live conversations, as well as other prospecting resources.

New Business Meeting Readiness: How to Plan the Relationship?


  “When we are planning for a conversation or meeting, typically we think about the task and objectives.  But how much time do we plan the relationship?…how can we connect at a deeper level…?”   These lines jumped out at me as I recently read excerpts of an interview conducted by the Center for Creative…
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Agency New Business Prospect Volume-What’s The Magic Formula?

Agency New Business Prospect Volume-What’s The Magic Formula

I was on a call with a few agency principals and the subject of prospect/list volume came up. They were in the position of having an abundance of work with one (large) client, a very smart, talented mid-size agency, and wanted to be selective about what they went after. I mean, really selective, like potentially…
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RSW/US Agency of the Future Webinar


We are in an unusual position at RSW/US. Not only do we glean great insights from the surveys we run among marketers and agencies, but we also pick up great perspective from marketers when we talk with them on the RSW/AgencySearch side of our business. We learn about their pains, what they’re looking for in…
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Marketers: Need for New Ideas is Key Reason for Agency Reviews


The Lexus Hoverboard: this is a product concept that grabs the imagination doesn’t it? From the Jetsons to Back to the Future, the concept may not be new, but Lexus has a prototype. Forbes quoted Lexus EVP, Mark Templin reflecting on the culture that underlies this commitment to innovate: “At Lexus, we constantly challenge ourselves…
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The Agency New Business Component You Can’t Gloss Over

The Agency New Business Component You Can't Gloss Over

Geoffrey James of Inc. wrote a post on sales development, 6 Steps for Developing Sales Opportunities and he makes a good initial point (with a caveat I’ll add below): Salespeople similarly expend a huge amount of thought and energy on closing deals that turn those sales leads into real, live paying customers. Ironically, the beginning…
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Phone-o-phobia: Fear of Rejection in Agency New Business

Fear of the phone

“NO” stings. A recent Wall Street Journal post offering a CEO’s recommendations for dealing with rejection brought my thoughts to remarks people make when they hear about my work. “Oh!” they say.  “Where do you get the courage to pick up the phone and call people you’ve never met before and try to sell them…
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R.I.P. (and thanks) Tony Mikes

Second Wind's Tony Mikes

This past week Tony Mikes, the founder of Second Wind, passed away after a year-long struggle with brain cancer. In 1988, after many years as an agency owner, Tony founded Second Wind: his self-professed “second life.” Tony felt strongly that smaller agencies needed resources and information designed to help them build better agencies and it…
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The Back Half Of The Year Is Here-Is Your Agency Ready? A checklist.

The Back Half Of The Year Is Here-Is Your Agency Ready A checklist 2

Believe it or not, the back half of the year is here. The smart agencies will be prepared with a new business plan, especially as your prospects start their planning several months from now. Too many agencies, using the old adage, don’t see the forest for the trees.  Their new business focus is on appointments,…
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Looking At Your Competition Like Looking In The Mirror?

Looking At Your Competition Like Looking In The Mirror

It’s always annoying when you see the click-bait “Death of” or ‘Is X Dead” headline regarding a platform or service, so I was pleasantly surprised with Twitter’s Death Warmed Over in the MediaPost. The author does a nice job of pointing out what Twitter is, and isn’t, in its current state of existence, kicking things…
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