Agency Pricing & Financials

Agency Pricing & Financials-Finally-The Info You’re Looking For

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If there’s one question we get asked by agencies often, it’s around agency pricing.

It’s tough to answer, with so many different factors and situations influencing the process.

It’s also tough to find that kind of information generally without paying for it or belonging to an association.

So the timing was ideal when Jami Oetting at HubSpot’s Agency Post blog let us know about a survey they’re conducting on the topic.

I know, another survey, but this type of industry benchmark data will truly be valuable to your agency and ideally answer a lot of the questions I know many of you have.

We’re excited to see it released.

A little bit more about it from Jami and the link below:

Agency Pricing & Financials

How to price agency services and maintain profitability is a challenging and complex problem many agency owners face.

Yet it is one of the most important things to get right. Without understanding how to price your services, the metrics to track in your agency, and the factors that influence profitability, owners/CEOs can’t achieve growth and stability.

In addition, agencies are facing more and more competition – from freelancers, new types of marketing service providers, and brands moving more work in-house.

To better understand the trends in agency pricing and financial management, HubSpot and Agency Post would like to invite you to participate in our Agency Pricing & Financials Survey-take the survey here.

With the results, we’ll create a report featuring best practices on pricing, financial management, new business, and talent. The survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete, and you’ll gain access to the data before the information is released to the public.


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