Ad Agency New Business

I had a friend and new business director at an agency ask me to take a look at a recent email he sent to a prospect.

Appreciated the ask and a good email all around, a few things here and there I thought might improve it, and it inspired this post.

While his email was good, we see quite a few ad agency new business emails that don’t hit the mark.

Ad Agency New Business

 I’ve touched on this in previous posts (5 Agency New Business Positioning Examples You Need To Avoid)-quick recap of that post-please don’t use any of these when describing your agency:

-Saying “We’re not an advertising agency” when, come on, you really are.

-We’re problem solvers!

-Use language regarding the changing landscape, it’s no longer business as usual, etc.

-We’ve  turned the agency model inside out

-We’re ”Strategic” & “Creative”


Now that we’ve established a few umentionables, back to emails specifically-

5 things to think about for more effective initial prospecting emails:


Ad Agency New Business


1)      Keep it short.

Please.  Marketers just don’t have the time (or won’t make the time.)  You want to cut to the chase fairly quickly.


2)      Cut the fluff.

While you may be proud of your agencies ability to provide nimble execution, or authentic experiences or use a phrase you created out of the ether to describe your process, prospects just don’t care at this point. You can eventually show them all that

But in this intro email, explain who you are, how you can help and what you want as succinctly as possible.


3)      Mention past work with a client that relates to that prospect.

So if you’re going after a CPG client, maybe don’t lead with that great finance client you’ve got.  (I know, sometimes you won’t have this option, then try to pull out elements that might relate from that client.)


4)      Include one sentence on any results you attained for that client you’re mentioning.

Even if you can’t say “we increased sales by 72%” for example, give them some form of result from your work.


5)      Give them a link to work or to the site.

Whatever channel you’re using, always put yourself in your prospect’s place, why should they care?

Suppress that urge to talk all about you, and instead focus on what you could do for that prospect.


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