Landing Pages and Agency New Business


Category/Sector specific landing pages have been an ongoing agency new business tool we’ve utilized with many of our clients. Roberta Rosenberg at Copyblogger does a nice “landing page makeover” as part of the blog’s tutorials on landing pages, and while the post is about Cars Helping America, and helping to increase more people donating cars…
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Communication, Perception and the Waiting Game

We’re pleased to have a piece on Second Wind’s site this week. It’s called Communication, Perception and the Waiting Game and is a continuation of insights into our 2009 1/2 Client-Agency Economic Outlook Report. To read the piece, click here. In the piece, and in our business, we’re focusing on how best to use these…
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The Definition of Marketing-Open the Floodgates

Floodgate clamshell

One social media blog I enjoy (and I’m not the only one based off the amount of comments he gets) is Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang. You should check it out sometime if you’re interested in staying current on social media and also finding some information you can actually use. He occasionally wavers to the…
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Break On Through-5 Tips to Enhance Your New Business Communication


When writing sales and new business letters, some people still seem to write paragraph after paragraph of plain, boring text. Even though the content may be ‘great’, if something is too long, at first glance it can appear boring. If you’re trying to attract someone’s attention, you need to jazz the look of it up…
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Ad Agency New Business: Why Won’t They Listen?


Tips for More Effective Prospect Communications     Chances are high that your new business prospects are hearing from a lot of other firms who want to win their business too. With the vast amount of information prospects receive –  through mail, phone calls, email and more – what can you do to raise the…
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When to Take My Name Off the Door

leo burnett

I have carried an Ad Age article (dated July 31, 1995) around with me since the day it was released, posting it on the various walls of marketing and marketing service companies I have worked for. It currently sits on the wall of my office at RSW/US as a reminder to always add value in…
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Plan the Prospecting

While most agencies set financial budgets for the coming year, few lay out a prospecting calendar for the coming year. Lay out the plan for the year. Giving yourself a full-year view of your upcoming efforts is a great way to make sure you’re setting the right priorities and you’re creating the best possible opportunities…
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I Know a Sales Person…and You’re No Sales Person

Having account executives manage the selling process (or making them partly responsible for selling) is no easy task. I encountered many an agency that has tried to create some kind of incentive program for account executives to bring in new business and it rarely works. Not only is their primary job managing and caring for…
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Be Realistic…It Takes Time

Building new business is not an overnight sensation. Putting the right program together, finding the right person, and starting the reach out, is in and of itself, a time consuming exercise. The activity of finding opportunities is even more involved. If you bring a new business manager on board (and they’re worth their weight), conversion…
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Constant Re-Invention

I once had Doug Hall, from Eureka Ranch tell the owner of my old company that re-invention is the lifeblood of long-term strength and success. My old owner didn’t listen and he near went into bankruptcy as his business got tired, old, and less interesting to prospective prospects. Re-invention doesn’t have to be dramatic. It…
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