We continue our 2013 RSW/US Agency New Business Thought Leader Video Series with Tim Williams of Ignition Consulting Group.

Ignition Consulting Group is the leading knowledge hub for marketing communications professionals devoted to helping marketing firms create and capture more value.

In this video, RSW/US owner and President Mark Sneider talks with Tim about the general agency tendency to think they’re differentiated, when so many aren’t.

Tim discusses the concept of “Confirmation Bias” as well, where 80% of executives say their company is differentiated, but only 8% of their customers would say the same thing.

And finally, Tim also talks about the importance of a core set of principles for agencies, how positioning and core principles intertwine and how critically important it is for agency principals to be the model for the rest of the agency in regards to the overall agency value proposition.

You can reach Tim and the Ignition Consulting Group team via his site or via Twitter at @TimWilliamsICG.

You can also download our 2013 thought leader survey report here.

Thanks to Tim for being a part of our series.

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