Chasing Your Agency New Business Lead Generation Tail-100 Calls A Day

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Mark (our owner) sent me a Craigslist lead generation job posting recently thinking it might spark some thoughts on a post.

Indeed it did.

A West Coast agency was looking for an intern to work on new business and the job description included making “minimum 100 calls a day.”

Lead Generation

Time for the scalpel-we’re going to dissect.


The Lead Generation Plight of the Intern

Oh, agency intern, get your dialing finger ready and maybe some BENGAY for the inevitable cramps.

In all seriousness, I’m not here to knock interns as there is always the possibility for real value for both intern and agency in their hire.

But think for a moment about how this particular new business effort will go down.

A (most likely) inexperienced, young intern is going to represent this agency to 100 people a day, minimum (apparently).

Maybe they’re a quick learner.

Maybe they’re proficient on the phone.

Maybe they’re asking insightful questions of the prospect so that prospect doesn’t automatically know an intern is calling.

Maybe they’ve got a few people internally that are able to crank out a list of 500 good and on-target prospects every week so the intern isn’t just using hope as a strategy.

That’s a lot of maybes.


The Bare Minimum

100 calls a day.  That’s a robust number.

Lead Generation

I, along with everyone who writes for our blog at one time or another, has touched on the efficacy of this shotgun approach.

Numbers are important-absolutely.

If you’re not reaching out to your prospects, nothing is happening.

But I would think it a sound bet to say this intern will indeed, be chasing his own tail.

Probably finding his own prospects or being sent to a site full of names, making those 100 calls in quick succession to make sure he/she hits that 100 mark at the end of the day with no prospect qualification, strategy or plan.

While I readily admit, I ‘m only assuming much of this, the “minimum 100 calls a day” speaks volumes to the mindset this agency has about new business.

Sure, they may be thinking, what can it hurt, we’re not paying she/he very much and we don’t have time to really support or educate this person.

Just make the calls and see if we get lucky.

I’m assuming they’re also sending out the intern to buy lottery tickets every day, since the approach is about the same.


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