Do yourself a favor and read 4 Reasons the Death of Agency Culture, a Vital Differentiator, Is Near when you get a chance.  There’s a lot to digest that I can see agencies embracing, as well as vehemently disagreeing with. The points raised are important ones, and as ever, I considered the author’s stance from […]

I was invited to speak at an agency recently and the topic was “creating a culture of new business within the agency,” specifically aimed at small to mid-sized agencies. (The agency actually put together a new business week, focusing on different aspects of strategy, process and tools-something to consider.) Throughout my presentation, I focused on […]

Culture in an ad agency is unique to the place and the personalities of the people running the shop. There is the outward agency persona, and then there is the inward “true” cultural persona of the agency that we all work within. Agencies are a business and the established distinctive culture of the place is […]