Marketing Evolution…or Revolution?  Burning Questions for New Business Development

Advertising and marketing industry changes bear fresh opportunities for new business development; they also bring fresh challenges! The pace of industry change exceeds “evolution”.  Considering only  the explosive growth in marketing technology – and budgets associated with it – “revolution” could be a more accurate description. A recent MarketingCharts post gives us a peek at what Marketers […]

Does Your Culture Fuel Passion?

Over the past few weeks, our posts have presented the Agency of the Future, describing traits agencies will need to flourish in our rapidly evolving industry. Several traits we presented described how agencies can continuously grow in value as a partner to their clients.  Others centered on becoming a more effective competitor as marketers consolidate agency partners. […]

Future-Proofing Your Agency: Be like a Beaver

Your new business prospects are looking for something to sink their teeth into.      As our series on future-proofing your agency has illustrated, marketers are consolidating agencies, and agencies are intensifying their agency new business efforts. Amid this increasingly competitive activity, marketers are telling us they receive information from hundreds of agencies who sound […]

Future-Proofing Your Agency: Be like a Chimpanzee

This chart probably makes the point best:  Marketing Technology has EXPLODED over the past five years. In 2011, the Chief Marketing Technologist Blog identified 100 Marketing Technology firms.  As of January this year, that number approached 1900.  Little doubt it will have passed the 2000 mark by the time January rolls around again. So what […]

Future-Proofing Your Agency: Be like a Gray Wolf

The numbers are enough to make you howl.  Our recent survey shows: 59% of Marketers told us they have been consolidating agencies recently. 63% indicated they expected this trend to continue. At the same time, 88% of agencies say they are getting more aggressive with new business strategies. Accordingly, 79% of Agencies indicate the industry […]

Future-Proofing Your Agency: Be like an Ant

  It’s like returning to the Ant Farms of our childhood as we turn to the fifth important animal trait for future-proofing your agency. One reason ants are inspirational is their characteristic of working in a highly coordinated fashion. They modify their habitat and adapt to environmental changes; they utilize available resources and deploy division […]

Future-Proofing Your Agency: Be like a Mountain Goat

On a regular basis, we survey Marketers individually for input that establishes benchmarks on how their current agency is performing. One of the questions asks Marketers to assess the ability their agency exhibits in keeping pace with the evolution of digital marketing.   With only 47% of Marketers saying their agency is ahead of the “digital […]

Future-Proofing Your Agency: Be like a Honey Bee

If an outside observer remarked that your agency team appear “as busy as bees”, that could be a good thing. Particularly, if they are busy on the right things – things that matter for moving your clients and your own firm forward. However, that’s not what is most important about the Honey Bee when it […]

Future-Proof Your Agency: Be like a Horse

A survey that we run continuously with Marketers individually establishes benchmarks on how their current agency is performing. One of the questions asks Marketers to rate how reliable their agency is in consistently doing an excellent job on a 10-point scale. This goes beyond creative, media planning and buying; it includes the agency’s ability to […]

Agency of the Future - Infographic and Video Series

RSW/US Surveys Paint the Picture of the Agency of the Future.   It’s a jungle out there – so we’ve put together an infographic and video series on the 8 animal traits your agency needs to survive the future. In this first video, we introduce the series and chart the course for the fun and informative videos […]