A survey that we run annually with Marketers establishes benchmarks on how their current agency is performing.

One of the questions asks them to rate how reliable their agency is in consistently doing an excellent job on a 10-point scale.

This goes beyond creative, media planning and buying; it includes the agency’s ability to discern business developments that will impact their client’s business months in the future.

With 10 being “excellent”, the aggregated rating across Marketers surveyed is 6.2.

Future-Proofing Your Agency Video: Be The Horse

In our recent infographic, we called out 8 animal traits agency need to future-proof their agency.

The first is the horse and we created the below video, both tongue in cheek and informative, to describe how the horse is a true partner, and why your agency needs to be one to your clients as well.

Our owner, Mark Sneider, also wrote a post around the trait-you can read it here.

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