The three ingredients for ad agency new business success?

Awareness, Consistency and Persistence.

But prior to implementing these ingredients, you need to have your positioning tightly scripted.

Not a literal script, mind you, but a concise overview that conveys who you are, what you do and why a potential client should work with you.

So I’m challenging you to write that positioning piece, following the three guidelines below.


Ad Agency New Business Success


1) Keep it to one page


This is a crucial first step.  Limit yourself to one page and one page only.

This is an element of our positioning exercise when we’re working with clients at RSW/US.

And even for those agencies who have a firm grasp of their value, this can be a challenge.

And the reason for that is most, if not all, agency leaders and team members are very passionate about what they do, and although may write well, tend to write overly and in less-than-concise language about what sets them apart.


2) Tell it, loosely, in the form of a story, with a beginning, middle and end

For example:

-Start with a longer version of your elevator speech.

-Follow with 1-2 supporting examples of the work you’ve done that supports your initial paragraph.

-Insert a bridge that names a few of your best clients

-Follow again with 1-3 supporting examples.

-End with your very succinct, streamlined elevator pitch.


3) Why should I work with you?

As you’re writing, always make sure this question is answered, in every paragraph and example and do it succinctly, without empty adjectives and accentuating the ultimate benefits.

(For example of the type of language to avoid, see our previous post : Why Are Agencies So Cautious To Say What They Are?)

Take 30 minutes and try this. (Or however long it takes to complete.)

Even more effective, have others in the agency perform the same exercise and compare the results.

Once it’s done, you’ve got a concise representation, showcasing multiple points of difference, that can be used as the foundation for a prospecting effort

Take the challenge, it’s worth it.


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