I tweeted out a post (Why Aren’t You Using The Phone For Agency New Business?) on the importance of picking up the phone for agency new business this week and happened to come across a post on the Sales Hacker blog that makes for an excellent companion piece. And more than that, the post brings […]

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Last week was quite a “win” week for RSW/US clients. Five wins for five different clients in one week! And we started out this week with a sixth! As we have matured as an outsourced agency new business development firm, we have gotten better and better at helping our clients move leads forward, preparing our […]

From page 12 of our 2017 RSWUS Agency-Marketer New Business Report, we asked the question: How often do you get calls or emails from marketing service firms? Per the graph below, even on the low side, 39% of marketers told us they get calls and emails at least 1-5 times a week. For those of […]

For this post, I want to give a shout-out-to all of you in the new business trenches, whether you’re a new business director or a partner at your firm. It’s no newsflash to point out that this business is hard. A short, entertaining story to illustrate my point (at my expense): When I started at […]

There was a panel at Advertising Week in New York of independent agency leaders who were all asked: Is now a good time to open an advertising agency? (I’m sure you have thoughts on the question.) Spoiler alert-the answer was a resounding yes from the panel and I think the recap on The Drum is […]

We recently completed a series of internal sharing session with our New Business Directors.  The purpose was to exchange best practices used when reaching out to marketers. Our first in this series focused on email practices:  Tips & Tricks #1 This second post will focus the things we do to help our clients close business. […]

I follow Derek Walker (owner of Brown and Browner in Columbia, SC) on LinkedIn, primarily because he speaks his mind on the industry and typically posits something thought-provoking. Or sometimes just shakes things up, either way, he’s a worthwhile read. In this post, Derek’s talking about the efficacy of an Allstate spot, and as ever, […]

How do your clients perceive you, in terms of your services? Do you have certain clients who only take advantage of only one or two aspects of your business? The answer to the second question is often yes, and you need to work to change that perception. Easier said than done I realize, and there […]

Your Agency’s Website Is A Visual Elevator Pitch. Wikipedia defines Elevator Pitch as a short sales pitch, that is a summary used to quickly and simply define a process, product, service, organization, or event and its value proposition. Does your agency’s website tell your target audience who you are, what you do, and your value? In […]

It is crucial that you constantly follow-up with your prospects… and often. How often should you follow up with prospects? In my experience, the answer is, more than you think. Recently, I reached out to one of my clients asking how their follow-up was going on a prospect that had shown interest a few months back. […]